Sharing daily life

Elderly people are often isolated and this situation creates risks.
1 out of 5 seniors is not in touch with someone on a daily basis.
Let's make sure to call at least once a day.

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Easy & Convenient

An application for the whole family


To coordinate

To organize weekly calls and to know who calls when.

To inform

To know that our elder has been contacted today.


To remind

To remind us of the time that we have planned to call.

To transfer

To ask another relative to call when one is not able to do it.

To share

Informing other relatives after making sure everything is fine.

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Our Values

A website and a mobile application to make sure that everything is fine


To stay informed about the day-to-day life of our elders.


A calendar to coordinate relative’s phone calls during the week.

A transfer system when one is not able to call.


To ease communication between relatives and to optimize family support.


Registering only takes two minutes.

This tool is easy to use and handy.

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Our team

Edwin Semmeley

Specializing in Management of New Technologies, Edwin became passionate about seniors living in isolation while working at Aldebaran Robotics, a company that created Romeo, the robotic companion dedicated to assisting elders.

After building his skills working with major companies such as Danone and other innovative start-ups, Edwin is using his technological and financial expertise at Familities.

Edwin Semmeley

Lisa Bouam

Concerned by the loss of independence of one of her relatives, Lisa decided to create Familities as she could not find a solution that fully satisfied her. She thinks that the key to helping an isolated senior is supporting their relatives in organizing their time around that family member in need.

Lisa has lived in five countries and speaks four languages fluently. She is in charge of development, marketing and strategy at Familities.

Lisa Bouam

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